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Members of the P.I. and C.P.C. Committees of Eastbay Intergroup with the support of The Walteria men’s step crosstalk Group in Torrance, CA.



For further information on getting involved in PI and CPC service or if you are interested in starting your own PI or CPC committee, feel free to contact us at; piandcpc@gmail.com

The National PI and CPC Working Group is made up of interested members, pats, and present PI and CPC service members.

The sole interest of this working group is to carry the message of the Primary Purpose to the greater community by improving the message in the public square, the Internet.

If you would like to get involved in the National PI CPC Working Group please contact us at; picpceastbay@gmail.com.

This presentation is being supported by;
The Walteria men’s step crosstalk Group in Torrance, CA.
Thursday Nights at 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST

Men can join us weekly at;
Zoom I.D. 814 3067 8953
PW 12 steps
Since 1987 men share openly the precise way to seriously complete the work of the Twelve Steps.

Additional support by the Triangle Fellowship, Hayward, CA. Carrying the message of recovery in the Hayward community for thirty years.